The role of landscape architecture in ‘glamping’ resorts


A Glamping resort is usually sited within a picturesque location whether forest, beach, lake, mountain, botanical or even an urban rooftop with a primary focus of ‘back to nature’ experience. Bushtec Safari Asia explores landscape architecture.
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What roles do outdoor pools and spas play in tented camps?


Thinking about going on a Safari to the heart of the African bush or glamping during the hot summer months of Europe? Well there is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than washing off the adrenalin of adventure in a sparkling, clear pool.
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The role main areas play in tented lodges & camps


In short, your main area can be whatever you want it to be. Having a successful main area however, now that is where the secret lies.
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Canvas and Tent's Maintenance offering -  Applicable to Bushtec Safari & Bushtec Creations


Our goal is to extend the life of your investment by implementing regular inspections and maintenance. Despite the rigorous quality standards which we adhere to when manufacturing our tents, we still need to deliver on our mantra: "Designed to Impress. Built to Last". 
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Raising the roof on Glamping


Download our article to read more about our approach to roofing.
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Raising the roof on Glamping Creating one-of-a-kind resorts worldwide

Bushtec Safari: Our Group CEO Tells All About Our Luxury Tent Brand


The Lost Executive sat down with our global Group CEO, Louw Bekker, to learn more about our prolific work in the Glamping, luxury resort and safari lodge markets across the world.

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Luxury Innovation: Spurred By The Spoils of Nature


Situated on a strip of conservation land off the coast of the Oman Gulf, Kingfisher Lodge is surrounded by a forest of mangrove trees and precious shrubbery.  
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