Sustainable luxury tented solutions


Today, increased pressure is placed on architects and designers to ensure that new developments include low environmental impact and green activities. Do the new designs tick all the boxes for sustainability? Human societies must live and meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. But what about remote resort developments? Are the above still applicable and what options are available from service providers?

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Adaptability is key and an advantage in the severely competitive global economy.


Canvas and Tent started back in 1968 and is to this day considered a pioneer in the tent manufacture industry worldwide. Originally focussing on the South African military market, it became clear that to stay relevant in the landscape post 1994, we needed to adapt and diversify our product offering.  With an ever-shrinking military budget, sustaining our factory and our locally employed people, it became vital to pursue other opportunities and market sectors.

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Bushtec Safari Luxury Tented Structures In More Detail


Bushtec Creations creates authentic, world-class full turnkey luxury tented developments in partnership with Bushtec Safari. Bushtec Creations has its own inhouse
design teams who, through passion and innovation, can design every detail of your tented dream from scratch, including each tent, an entire site layout and interior details of each tent.
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Eco friendly alternative building solutions


Glamping has become the hottest trend in hospitality worldwide. However, there is a lot more to Glamping than merely the general concept, especially when it comes to tents of the caliber of Bushtec Safari.
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Nkomazi Upgrade by Bushtec Creations


As South Africans we are privileged to experience the richness of the African bush and with the number of Safari lodges in South Africa only, Bushtec Safari has been recognised as one of the leading luxury safari tent brands, not only in South Africa, but globally.
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A timeless design, inspired by Morocco


Our Moroccan tented cabin design is inspired by Moroccan décor which is timeless, bold, comfortable and unique. It boasts an aesthetic that has African, Persian and European influences. This allows for the traditional Moroccan decorating style to be beautiful, ornate and warm.
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Louw Bekker – the CEO behind Canvas and Tent Group


Having joined the Canvas and Tent Group more than 20 years ago, Louw Bekker is the CEO of Canvas and Tent Group and the visionary behind the Bushtec Safari brand.

Louw’s vision for Canvas and Tent was to utilise the manufacturing capabilities and expertise gathered from 30 years in military and government focused canvas products, and expand the company into the safari travel market.
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Designed to Impress. Built to Last.


Bushtec Safari take pride in designing and manufacturing quality luxury tents. As part of the Canvas and Tent group, they are the leading tent manufacturer and supplier to well-known safari camps and game reserves, hunting and luxury lodges, villas and resorts within the travel market both locally and internationally.
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Luxurious and Comfortable Accommodation from Bushtec Safari


Following the brand’s presentation as a Product Watch Partner at Hotel Designs LIVE, Bushtec Safari explains why luxury tented resorts have become global trend for guests seeking luxurious and comfortable accommodation.
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Bushtec Safari – African Safaris


With the provincial borders opened and people allowed to travel outside their provinces, why not invest the time and go explore our beautiful country. Even better to go and visit the bush. Ever stayed in a tented lodge? Most people don’t always recall the branding on the tent that was their home during their getaway. Is a tent just a tent, or are there more to it?
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In-house Design for Tented Camps


Bushtec Creations creates full turnkey tented developments to the last detail, including all components needed for your camp.
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The role of landscape architecture in ‘glamping’ resorts


A Glamping resort is usually sited within a picturesque location whether forest, beach, lake, mountain, botanical or even an urban rooftop with a primary focus of ‘back to nature’ experience. Bushtec Safari Asia explores landscape architecture.
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What roles do outdoor pools and spas play in tented camps?


Thinking about going on a Safari to the heart of the African bush or glamping during the hot summer months of Europe? Well there is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than washing off the adrenalin of adventure in a sparkling, clear pool.
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The role main areas play in tented lodges & camps


In short, your main area can be whatever you want it to be. Having a successful main area however, now that is where the secret lies.
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Canvas and Tent's Maintenance offering -  Applicable to Bushtec Safari & Bushtec Creations


Our goal is to extend the life of your investment by implementing regular inspections and maintenance. Despite the rigorous quality standards which we adhere to when manufacturing our tents, we still need to deliver on our mantra: "Designed to Impress. Built to Last". 
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Raising the roof on Glamping


Download our article to read more about our approach to roofing.
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Raising the roof on Glamping Creating one-of-a-kind resorts worldwide

Bushtec Safari: Our Group CEO Tells All About Our Luxury Tent Brand


The Lost Executive sat down with our global Group CEO, Louw Bekker, to learn more about our prolific work in the Glamping, luxury resort and safari lodge markets across the world.

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Luxury Innovation: Spurred By The Spoils of Nature


Situated on a strip of conservation land off the coast of the Oman Gulf, Kingfisher Lodge is surrounded by a forest of mangrove trees and precious shrubbery.  
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Integrated Quality & Environmental Policy


Canvas and Tent has compiled an Integrated Quality & Environmental Policy to ensure that in all spheres of our business we deliver the highest quality products and service, and that we do everything in our power to preserve the environment in which we build.
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The UK Ministry of Defence turns to Canvas and Tent


To shore up its efforts in Afghanistan the UK Ministry of Defence has contracted Canvas and Tent to supply Centurion and Gladiator shelters to its troops. This agreement ensures that their accommodation, recreation and storage needs are well catered for.  


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Opening of our new offices and display area in Belgium


Canvas and Tent is proud to announce the opening of our new offi­ces and display area in Belgium. In partnership with a local company, Trekk 4x4, managed by Marc van den Bosch, we introduce Canvas and Tent Europe. With a comprehensive display area, our full product range will be available for sale.

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Leading South African Business Awards names Canvas and Tent exporter of the year


We are delighted to announce that our dedication to innovation, world-class products, service excellence and job creation has been recognised. ­ 

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